I am Senior Digital Editor for Mother Jones. I love working on multipart, digital-first investigative reporting projects. I oversee all aspects of digital audio and video production for Mother Jones, including producing, writing, shooting, and editing. Highlights include:



Before working as Senior Digital Editor for Mother Jones, I was senior producer for its reporting project Climate Deska first-of-its-kind climate collaboration across top news outlets including The Guardian, Wired, Slate and The Atlantic. I wrote Beijing Blur (Penguin 2008) about China's thrilling underground youth scene. I have a masters of journalism from NYU, and has produced a variety of award-winning shows in my native Australia, including the national affairs program Hack. I also invited myself to Thanksgiving dinner after wrongly receiving invites for years from the mysterious Tran family, Somewhere, USA.

My beats: the environment, social and criminal justice, and the media, with a special focus on breaking news operations for our bureau in New York City (my second home). I also write a lot about China (my third home), and Australia (my first home). I specialize in solo "everything in a backpack" guerrilla videography: shooting, editing, post-producing. I think video should be trusted, brilliant, beautiful, and go viral.

Awards & recognition: